Hey there!

Quick Facts:

  • Jesus-follower
  • Military spouse
  • Mom of 2
  • Graphic designer
  • Brand strategist
  • Maker of things
  • Lover of books
  • Chocolate-obsessed

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Maybe you are running around in circles trying to get some kind of clarity for your brand. Or, maybe you're stuck with a website that you're embarrassed to share.

I can help. Let's dig deep and find clarity about who you are, what your brand has to offer, and identifying your best audience. So, the question is:

How can I help you gain some clarity?

Professional Bio:

Katie Schwarz is a graphic designer and branding mentor for entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch cookie-cutter strategy to create a brand that feels good and sells more. I offer training and tools to help them build a brand that’s aligned with their personality type and resonates with their dream clients. Energizing them to build a thriving and sustainable business that they love.

She's owned her own graphic design studio for 10 years, and has a bachelor's degree in Communication and Graphic Design.

Katie created the Brand Personality Blueprint framework to help entrepreneurs to leverage their unique personality and create a brand strategy that connects with their dream clients.

She's currently soaking up the sun in San Diego, California with her family while working form home and homeschooling.

Hey, I'm Katie a designer and branding mentor.

I'm here to help you stand out with thoughtful design and human-friendly branding.

Nice to meet you!

I’m Katie: a creative-meets-strategic momboss living on Jesus & coffee.

I help you craft your unique brand strategy when you're ready to build (or re-build) a profitable brand + biz that feels like you. If you are overwhelmed with the DIY train or underwhelmed with other options, then you're in the right place, friend.

My background is pretty varied. I bounced around between majors: English, computer science, child development, theology, & graphic design. Honestly, all of that (plus, you know, LIFE) has shaped my passion for brand strategy.

The first few years of my business, I focused on print design, but quickly realized that loved creating brand visuals. You know those personality tests that figure out if you are left or right brained? Well, I’m almost always right in the middle. This used to really annoy me, but I have realized that it's a strength!

So, naturally, I shifted to designing logos & branding. But there was still something missing. Which led me to my love affair with uncovering the strategy behind the pretty visuals. Which led to the creation of Blueprint Brand Personality. And will hopefully lead to helping you find the brand strategy that fits you best.

In addition to my design work, I also love to write. You can check out a variety of topics on my blog from branding, faith, parenting, chronic illness and more.

By Katie Schwarz Core Values:

Faith & Family