Clearly Communicate Your Brand Vibe With Clarity Cues

Katie Schwarz
April 11, 2019
Clearly Communicate Your Brand Vibe With Clarity Cues

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Branding is all about communication. We communicate with words, visuals, emotions & body language. A great brand strategy will make sure that you are communicating clearly, consistently & effectively.

Brand Personality Blueprint gives you a step by step on how to do this using Clarity Cues. So what are those? Clarity Cues are the way that you use words, visuals, emotions & more to communicate your ideal. Clarity Cues are the things that let your people know they are in the right place. These Cues also let those non-ideal clients know that your biz probably isn't the best fit.

I like to sort Clarity Cues into three categories: Brand Cues, People Cues & Visual Cues.

Brand Cues:

The most important Brand Cues are what is commonly called your brand words. These are the 6-10 words or short phrases that describe the ethos, vibe & values of your brand. They should be chosen carefully & should reflect your own personality. If you opt for Brand Cues that are out of alignment with your unique personality, you risk overwhelm & burnout. Working to build a successful business that focuses on personality traits that are outside of your wheelhouse is exhausting.

Instead, we want to lean into our natural personality & strengths to build a profitable brand + biz that feels good. That doesn't mean that we won't ever have to do something that we dislike as business owners. But it does mean that you're playing to your strengths when it comes to building your brand.

Instead, we want to lean into our natural personality & strengths to build a profitable brand + biz that feels good.

Brand Cues can also include things like a story bank, email templates, and what I like to call This/Never That statements. All of these things work together to help you communicate what your brand is all about. More clearly & effectively.

Basically, Brand Cues are all the ways that you communicate to your people.

People Cues:

A great brand strategy will always consider the audience as well. Good communication is always a two way street. To actually build connections, you need to get clear on finding your people. As a service provider, your people are not everyone who needs that service. Your people are the clients that you can connect with well, you can speak their language + understand their challenges, and their budget lines up with your rates. Those are your people.

Your People Cues are going to keep tabs on their demographics, needs & values. The best way to understand your people & find those Cues is to talk to them. Have conversations. Ask questions. And listen. I find it really helpful to keep track of what I've learned in one place, so I don't lose it. Most of us have enough to remember. So make it easy.

Basically, People Cues are the ways that your clients are communicate back to you.

Visual Cues:

This is where things get pretty or sharp or dope or whatever. Now, it's essential that your Visual Cues are supporting your messaging. Consider the following example.

Confusing Visuals Image

That's just hard to look at. The colors are sending one message & the words are sending another. Your brain doesn't like being confused. It's imperative that you avoid sending mixed messages like these to your clients. They will check out. And that's the last thing we want. Our brains are wired to conserve energy. So, we stop paying attention. This happens even when the disconnect is more subtle.

How do you feel when the colors and words are working together?

Visuals and Words Working Together

It's so much better, right?

Basically, visuals are the attention grabbers & your copy, messaging, experience, etc are the attention keepers.

Here's the deal. Visual consistency is a skill that can be developed to a certain degree. So, if you are comfortable with DIY graphics, you could absolutely improve your Visual Cues on your own. But remember, with branding, it's not as simple as choosing things that are pretty or your favorites. All of your Clarity Cues need to be working together.

If you are getting hives just thinking about your Visual Cues, you probably need to hire a designer. 😉

Need some help getting it all sorted out?

I've got two options for you. Brand Specs is a mini-course + template that helps you organize #allthethings for your brand. This is perfect if you just getting started putting your branding together. It's also fab if you have it figured out, but need a better organizational system. Or somewhere in between.  

If you are interested in working together one-on-one, give me a shout out!

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