Why I Care About Your Personality Type

Katie Schwarz
April 11, 2019
Why I Care About Your Personality Type

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You've noticed a shift in my biz. I've been talking a lot about personality theory driven branding. But I haven't given you a proper breakdown of how I got here. So, here's all the details.

A little about me:

I've been running my own design biz since 2009 while I was working on my design degree. (In case you're interested, my degree is dual BAS in Communication- emphasis in Graphic Design- and Ministry) The first iteration was a mostly B2C, business to consumer, stationery business. (Basically, I'm a textile nerd: paper, fabric, and everything in between.) I gradually shifted to branding and then shifted the biz to the background while having my babies. I have several chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia, which meant it was really difficult to work much during that time. But, I've been easing back into my version of light full-time-ish work for the past year and a half or so.  

Moving on:

Ok, enough facts. What I really want to tell you is a little background on my unique approach to branding. At a certain point, I realized that I was attracting clients who were having difficulty figuring out where they were headed or what they wanted/needed. So, I started digging into why I was able to help them figure this out. It's a fairly common INFJ trait (and other NF types) to be able to use my intuition to figure out the why behind a variety of things. For a long time, I didn't even realize this was something unique. It just came naturally.

That intuition is constantly collecting and filing away information to be sifted through at a later time to understand something new. Once I realized this, I started digging into how other personality traits relate to entrepreneurship and branding. Because at its core, branding is about communicating what's on the inside of your biz to someone else. And for the entrepreneur, this is really, really personal. It's not about a company ideology or culture. It's about you. How you work best.

What therapy taught me about branding:

To throw in another element, I started to realize that so much of what I've learned about self-care and healthy boundaries through my chronic illness also applies to this type of branding work. (If you have any sort of life altering thing, like fibro was/is for me, I highly recommend therapy. Really- it's made such a difference.) In case you're wondering if I'm headed down a rabbit hole, I'm not. I promise.

Ok, we've already established that branding for the entrepreneur is ultra-personal. And each person has a limited supply of emotional and physical energy. Most of us are pretty aware of the physical energy side. It's harder to gauge the emotional stuff though. It gets even more tricky when we factor in that there isn't a one size fits all approach to how much emotional energy specific tasks demand. It varies from person to person, and sometimes even from season to season for a single person.

Your emotional energy tank:

Everyone has this tank that only holds so much emotional energy. We all experience burnout when it's gone. And just like your gas tank or battery for you greener types, we need to fill it back up. Often.

When you throw in extra circumstances like physical or mental illness, limited or altered ability, or family demands, it often means that the drain on your emotional energy tank is increased. This isn't a weakness; it's just a fact. It's easy to start believing that you have less -fill in the blank here- because you are comparing your external results to someone else's external results. Try switching up your internal narrative like this: I'm killing it because I'm balancing -insert your challenge here- and -insert task here- all while keeping tabs on my emotional energy tank to avoid burnout. Go me!

How it actually relates to branding:

So, you have a set amount of fuel in your emotional energy tank. Every interaction, decision, conversation, project, etc all pulls from this tank. And our personal life shares the same fuel as our work life. When we operate out of our strengths, aka our personality type, we use less of that fuel. When you realize this, it's a no brainer that you should build your brand and your biz to maximize your emotional energy. And that, right there, is why I changed the way I approach branding. Mic drop. πŸ’₯

But in all seriousness, personality theory gives us a vocabulary and set of tools to identify the way we are wired to function. So, there it is. My philosophy on branding in a nutshell. Which is obviously way more than just a logo! And so, I've restructured my entire biz to help you build a brand that helps you fill up with your own emotional energy tank. πŸ˜‰

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Katie Schwarz
Katie Schwarz

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